Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

Social Media Related Resource Kit

There has been no shortage of news stories about the prevalence of online sexual violence and harassment in Canada. Yet, too often, the focus has been on the actions of the victims, rather than the perpetrators and the bystanders that enabled them. We know that 1⁄4 of teen girls and 1/3 of teen boys have seen a naked photo that was not intended for them, not to mention the percentage of youth who are "Liking" hateful comments online. Telling people to simply log off is not realistic, nor is it going to solve the problem. We need to engage folks in honest conversation about online sexual violence and that’s where Draw-the-line.- ca comes in! Using a harm-reduction approach, the campaign offers a variety of real-life scenarios that serve as a launching point for thought provoking discussion on how bystanders can intervene when they witness sexual violence online.

We have posters, postcards and videos available for download below, and you can order print resources FOR FREE by emailing info@draw-the-line.ca

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