Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

A friend sends you a naked picture of a girl he knows.

Is it a big deal to share it with others?

Why Draw the Line

When we look away from sexual violence we make it easier for the perpetrator to continue - and the violence. Every choice we make and every action we take - no matter how small - has the power to make a difference.

When to Draw the Line

Consent matters. And consent is something that must be asked for every step of the way. What's more, sharing or possessing a nude photo of someone under the age of 18 can be legally defined as possessing or distributing child pornography.

How to Draw the Line

Getting involved doesn't have to be (and ideally shouldn't be) a big deal. You always have options:

  • It stops here when you don't send it to anyone else.
  • Press delete and don't look at the picture in the first place.
  • Call your friend out by telling him it's definitely not cool.


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